Gcse music analysis yiri koko

The first subject is in the tonic key, G minor, and begins in bar 1, without any introduction. This group of pieces for large orchestra was commissioned by Richard Strauss who then refused to play them.

We can be fairly sure that the balafon solos have been shared between the two players, and it is clear to see that these solos, punctuated by the chorus, form the structure of the piece.

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Longer melodies with more irregular phrasing. Then there will be a question demanding a longer answer in prose.

The Five Orchestral Pieces were written in the summer ofand Peripetie is clearly a very tempestuous and emotional movement, with Schoenberg focusing on brief and intense moods, perhaps partly because he no longer has functional harmony available to him to help prolong the movement.

Gcse english Language and English Literature

Unlike many other schools, there are mother-tongue assistants in all of the languages offered at GCSE level. ActivityShow your students the opening song from either the film or musical version of The Lion King the former is readily available on DVD, both can be found on YouTube, or you could download The Circle of Life as an audio track.

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There is some repetition in Peripetie, but not so much of melodic ideas as of moods or timbres. We will also question what led to the end of the Cold war and study the fall of the Soviet Union.

Students may study a second language for the IB Diploma in preference to the Arts option. Controlled Assessment consists of two units: Additionally there are tabla, some small cymbals and a large double-headed drum called a pakhawaj.

Throughout the article, key words are in bold the first time they appear. By the end of Key Stage 3 students have an holistic approach to learning in Music and in an appreciation for a variety of styles and genres from cultures across the ages and the world.

Therefore, throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop their own strategies to help complete the GCSE programme.

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HARMOnY Some of the repeating melodic patterns are harmonised in 5ths or octaves much of the music is performed in octaves or unison the piece has a clear tonal centre most of the time.

Whilst Mozart employs cadences at important points to outline his structure, Schoenberg does not use them at all. Ultimately, Robbins and Laurents agreed and up-and-coming composer Stephen Sondheim came on board to write the lyrics to the songs.

All students must have an APS of 4. The main section which consists of the drums playing an ostinato and a strong clear pulse. The resulting piece of work will be internally assessed, and then externally moderated. Nevertheless it does allow us to divide Peripetie into a kind of rondo structure: They should also be prepared to answer dictation and notation questions based on extracts from the works.

Section B questions Short-answer questions found in Section B may ask students to identify aspects of the Indian classical tradition, such as knowing the term Hindustani or identifying the part of India most associated with this music.

What type of movement immediately precedes this chorus. This course will appeal to students who: What is the key of the extract. In many of the homophonic sections, it is the basses who have the melody.

Year 9An Introduction to Disco! In this lesson I will become familiar with Disco music by exploring its context and key features I.

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Pupils write an analysis of a performance, as well as analysing and evaluating their own performance work on ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ by Dennis Potter. Additionally they study the ideas and techniques of two practitioners: Konstantin Stanislavski and Bertolt Brecht.

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Sunday, 27 February BERNSTEIN - Something's Coming Analysis Notes. Transcript of Yiri - Koko - GCSE Revision Notes. Song/Artist Background By ThomasRStorey Yiri - Koko Madou Kone - Yiri is a song by the grop Koko, that comes from Burkina Faso in - Lots of African music is passed is passed down from generation to generation orally.

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Gcse music analysis yiri koko
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